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Volunteer Teacher Information

LLI 004

The Liberty & Law Institute is seeking qualified, capable volunteer teachers who are willing to teach our course on America’s founding documents, “A Nation of Liberty – A Nation of Laws”, to middle or high school students in their area.

Expectations of Volunteer Teachers:

* Have a thorough and sound understanding of the text, history and principles of the Declaration
of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
* Adhere to our prescribed lesson plan
* Wear business attire while teaching
* Avoid all discussion of current events, current political issues, and current personalities while teaching
* Must be able to teach the class for five consecutive days at the school to which they are assigned
* Must be willing to return to the assigned school the following year if invited back
* Attend training sessions as prescribed by the Institute.

Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a volunteer teacher.

The Liberty and Law Institute reserves the right to select volunteer teachers at its discretion.

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